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ESFAHAN province (Persian: Ostane Esfahan (Ostan-e Esfahan); also transliterated as Esfahan, Espahan, Sepahan or Isphahan) is one of the 30 provinces of Iran. It is located in the center of the country. Its capital is the city of Esfahan.
ESFAHAN central coordination locates in 32.6577°N 51.6692°E
Esfahan, historically also rendered in English as Ispahan or Hispahan, is located about 340 km south of Tehran and is the capital of Esfahan Province and Iran's second largest city. Esfahan city has an estimated population of 1,750,000 and the Esfahan metropolitan area has an estimated population of 3,600,000, the third most populous metropolitan area.
The cities of Najafabad, Khaneh Esfahan, Khomeini-shahr, Shahin-shahr, Zarrinshahr, Mobarakeh, Falavarjan and Fouladshahr all constitute the metropolitan city of Esfahan... (Read More)


Historians have recorded initially as a defense and military base. The security and protection of the gradually increasing castles and fortifications, thereby, would provide the protection of residents nearby, therefore leading ... (Read More)
Isfahan Today
Esfahan has long been one of the centers for production of the famous Persian Rug, weaving in Esfahan flourished in the Safavid era. But when the Afghans invaded  ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:
Esfahan is served by the Esfahan International Airport which handles domestic flights to Iranian cities and international flights, mostly to regional destinations across Middle East and central Asia including Dubai and Damascus... (Read More)